The passenger (and the guilty).

Mark and Kev M’s tour of the West Country (9)

Out in the middle of Lulworth Cove.

On the way back in something happened as we were pulling up to the jetty:

  • Me: I’ve dropped your camera. In the water in the bottom of the boat.
  • Mark: Hahahaha!
  • Me [thinks]: I’m not dead.

A few weeks later:

  • Mark: There’s black marks all over the pictures from my camera.
  • Me [nervously]: That’ll be from when I dropped it in the water.
  • Mark: When!?
  • Me: Lulworth Cove. I did tell you.
  • Mark: Oh yeah, I wondered what you were talking about.
  • [silence]
  • Me [thinks]: I’m still not dead.

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