Innocent(s) abroad

David and Kev M go to Cornwall (5)

See that man, on the left, smiling? He’s no idea what’s about to happen.

The guy behind the camera, taking the picture – he has no idea either.

See all those people behind the smiling man? The ones with safety helmets, overalls and protective gear on? They know what’s about to happen.

In addition to surfing there were plenty of other activities available at Skewjack. However, I only remember one of them – going down a tin mine.

I don’t know what Dave was thinking; I don’t know if he’d thought about it at all. I hadn’t. Well, I briefly thought about what I did know. The sum total of my knowledge came from a school trip to the Blue John mines in Derbyshire. I enjoyed that day out, except for the bit where I banged my head on an overhanging rock walking down some steps. Based on that experience I willingly accepted the suggestion that we take the trip down a tin mine. The little tweetie birds of happy innocence were still flapping about between my ears as I was dressed in waterproofs, boots and a safety helmet (complete with lamp). I even wandered off to take landscape photos while I was waiting.

The guide (1) The Cornish coast The guide (2)

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